Welkom by ons webtuiste – Welcome to our website


To be the leading school of preference where our learners are holistically prepared for the ever-changing future and encouraged to live their dreams.


We will achieve our Vision by:

  1. implementing a variety of life skills, consistent discipline and an innovative teaching approach;
  2. instilling in the staff, learners and parents a sense of belonging and pride in the school in the firm belief that its fine traditions lay the foundation of its future growth;
  3. seeking, through all our activities, to promote excellence and a happy loving environment;
  4. using modern technology to prepare our learners for the challenges of the ever-changing future;
  5. conveying to our learners the principles of mutual respect and compassion so that they will exhibit empathy towards their peers, the community and the environment in a spirit of co-operation and support;
  6. continuously promoting our school’s motto VIVITE VESTRA SOMNIA


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